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Best Practices

Project Humdard:
The department of MBA looks to promote a sense of social responsibility among its learners. We mentor our students to become thought leaders who can create a better society for all. Project Hamdard was initiated during the COVID-induced lockdown of 2020. The students of the department started a crowdfunding campaign through which they collected funds and helped to provide groceries to the needy families across Karnataka and a few other parts of India like Jharkhand and Haryana. The project continues to provide support and hopes to individuals and families who face the economic hardships.

COGNITION: The Monthly Quiz Club E-Newsletter
The monthly quiz club newsletter, Cognition, delivers curated content related to the world of business, thereby making information and facts available at the fingertips of readers across the country.

One Day HoD
To expose our students to the different dilemmas that a leader goes through while taking decisions, the department initiated an innovative practice called One Day HoD. The department hosts regular competitions of the nature of intellectual deliberations and debates among its students and the best performer is rewarded with a leadership role. In this role, the student leads the department and makes all necessary calls to ensure a smooth running of all academic and administrative works. The objective is to help students develop critical thinking and leadership abilities.

Industrial Visits and Internships
As a part of the pedagogy at MBA, the students are made to study organizations from close proximity. Students have regular visits to manufacturing units to understand the workings of a corporation. They are able to relate the theories taught inside the classroom to the practical realities of the business world. Students also have to undertake two mandatory internships where they work within an organization and implement their classroom learnings in a real-world setting.

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