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Principal’s Message

Rev. Dr. Thomas Thennadiyil, CMF
St Claret Institute of Management (SCIM)

Greetings from St Claret Institute of Management.

St Claret Institute of Management (SCIM), under the aegis of St. Claret College (SCC) offers high quality management education at affordable costs. The institute is part of more than 150 educational institutions managed by the Claretian Missionaries, an International Catholic religious Society.

Our management education is intentional in nurturing responsible leaders who will play a proactive role in shaping a sustainable future for the world. We provide integral and holistic formation helping students nurture their intellectual, spiritual, emotional and social development and emerge as all-rounded graduates. True to the mission of the institute, the students are formed to develop a sense of community, empathy for the underserved and appreciate inclusive and sustainable growth. SCIM is a meeting ground of diversities, with students from many cultures, languages, faiths and nationalities. Cross-cultural sensitivity and respect for diversity is inculcated in the mind of every Claretine. Our focus on excellence and value-based education makes learning an exciting experience at SCIM. Our graduates are placed in high positions of the corporate ladder, making a crucial difference in the society. I am happy to welcome you to the portals of St Claret Institute of Management for a time of learning and growing.

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