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About Us

Why Choose SCIM?

St. Claret Institute of Management (SCIM)’s MBA programme is carefully compiled and constructed to prepare today’s youth for the challenges of the future. We do not create mere graduates but we create leaders who will take back their learning, change the world and make a difference. This program is a postgraduate Master’s Degree focusing on Management, Marketing, HR, Finance, Economics and allied subjects. It requires two years of full-time study, after which the students get employed in fields such as financial services, marketing, Banking, HR, project management, general management and business consulting. Alternately, they can pursue a career in the field of teaching and research in universities and colleges.

The entire academic system of SCIM revolves around our students. We provide excellent infrastructure and the latest technology so as to make the students proficient with the modern tools of management. Our faculty members are well trained, well supervised and have years of experience both in the industry as well as in their domain of teaching. In addition to this, we provide scholarship to deserving candidates to make sure that everyone gets a chance to educate themselves and use their ideas to create new and better things. The curriculum not only prepares the students for leadership roles in modern organizations but also ensures that students develop a sense of responsibility towards the environment and society. Extensive effort and a one to one approach are adopted to ensure students experience both professional and psychological growth. Our pedagogy ensures that students are empowered to achieve their dreams and take up esteemed positions with organizations of national and international repute.

Our aim is to assist our students to become managers who are not only academically inclined, but also have a humane approach to life and who will play a strong role in the transformation of the society. We aim for them to become leaders in the society with a vision and a mission to contribute to the lives of those around them. We do this by instilling them with the core values of our institution in addition to the learning experience that we provide. We aim for them to revolutionise the world with their ideas and make their community, their country and the entire world a better place to be in.

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