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Director’s Message

Fr. (Dr.) Sabu George
CMF Director
St Claret Institute of Management (SCIM)

Greetings from St Claret Institute of Management.

St Claret Institute of Management is established in 2011 as a part of St. Claret College with a view of offering best quality management education which is affordable to everyone. This institute is part of more than 150 educational institutions run by International Congregation of Claretians. Management education that is offered here is a purposeful course that prepares aspiring managers/entrepreneurs to exceed their expectations and reach the horizons of their imagination. Along with taking care of the intellectual pursuits of the students by offering four specializations in Finance, Marketing, Banking Finance & Insurance Services, and Human Resources, it also gives students values so that the managers/leaders that graduate from here are true leaders who can do business with integrity. This Institute is a meeting ground of diversities, with students from many cultures, faiths and nationalities. Cross-cultural sensitivity and respect for diversity is inculcated in the mind of every Claretine. The focus on excellence and value-based education makes learning an exciting experience here. Students who graduate from here are placed in high positions of the corporate ladder, making a crucial difference in the society. It is my privilege to welcome you to the portals of St Claret Institute of Management for a time of learning and growing.

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