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This is my 4th year of experience as a student of SCC, and I’ve found the educational system to be top-notch with many add-on programmes and courses which benefit us and give us advantages for building our CV and many different purposes. The staff members and the teachers are very friendly and approachable, always ready to help us anytime.

The HOD of the Management Department, UG (Ms. Cassandra Ranee), is our second mother & also the HOD Of the MBA Department (Dr.Arjit Roy) is like our elder brother. They are always looking out for us, uplifting us as individuals and working with us together like a close-knit family.

As an outstation student coming from a Northeastern state, I initially assumed that it would be difficult for me to adapt to the change in culture and environment. However, I soon fit in and even felt a sense of belonging because of the welcoming nature of the people of Bangalore and particularly, the ambience at SCC, and the teachers who always encouraged me to participate in activities that helped me realise my potential and shortcomings. Discipline is a virtue that is inculcated in SCC students through punctuality, dress code and many other measures. Although some students have a difficult time adapting to the stringent code of conduct, we soon realise that these measures help prepare us for the real world after our graduation. Counselling facilities at SCC are also available, making sure that our mental health is also prioritized and guidance is always offered around every aversion we may face as students. Our spiritual journey is also nurtured through various programmes.

Ever true to its motto, SCC lives up to its promise of ‘nurturing values and excellence’. I truly believe this college has given me the best years of my young adult life imparting memories and values that will remain with me for a lifetime.

George E. Nongkynrih

MBA Batch 2021-2023

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