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Its been just 6 months as of now doing my MBA from St. Claret Institute of Management, but the opportunities I got are what I couldn’t have if I would have been in any other college.

Specially mentioning the support of faculty members, their knowledge, and the experience they share with us is remarkable. Cant forgot about the infrastructure, equipment, lab and play court and the happy and joyous surrounding all make this college the perfect place for your education.

It is home away from home. Our great supporter Rev. Dr Thomas Thennadiyil, our principal, goes beyond the limits to provide us extra opportunities, guest lectures, social and co-curricular activities and many more which makes this college one of the best colleges in Bangalore.

Talking about my achievement through this college is that I got the opportunity to take part in the state-level weight lifting competition, where I achieved first place and got the gold medal for my college which I have been dreaming for a very long time. Can’t be more grateful.

Furthermore, comparing the syllabus and studies provided by the college with other institutes they have set their level high as they go beyond the textbook knowledge. Daily new goals and targets are given by the faculty members, which helps us to build our strength and knowledge and be prepared for the outside world.

Overall, this college has shaped my life in a different way that now I can confidently face any challenges which I was not able to do before. Also the experience I got being with so diversified culture and people is unforgettable.

Ashish PrabhakarChandekar

MBA Batch 2021-2023

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