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Value Added Programs & Certificate Courses

The add-on certificate courses offered in collaboration with Simplilearn improves the career trajectory and also boosts the employability opportunity for students. A few of the add on programs offered are:

Business Analytics with Excel
The Business Analytics with Excel certification course teaches students the basic concepts of data analysis and statistics to help data-driven decision making. This training introduces students to Power BI and delves into the statistical concepts that will help our students devise insights from available data in order to present findings using executive-level dashboards.

Python Programming
Python as a programming language has seen an exponential growth in demand. It is considered as one of the easiest programming languages. Python is an easy language to master. This is chiefly because of its resemblance to the English language. Python’s syntax is characterized by very few rules and special cases. The Python Training course covers the fundamentals of Python and how to apply it to real-world situations.

Digital Marketing Associate
In digital marketing, in particular, companies are looking for professionals with 360-degree skills that cut across sub-domains such as PPC, social, email marketing and more. They are also prioritizing candidates that have exposure to many of the leading marTech vendors and are current with the latest best-practices. This DMA course provides both the breadth and depth of skills to help our students take their marketing career to the next level.

Aptitude Training
Students imparted training from the very first semester in areas of quantitative and verbal reasoning helping them develop an analytical mind-set. This is also done to ensure students have more probability of performing well in the aptitude rounds conducted as part of their recruitment drives.

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